Who are we?

What is Mespilus?

Mespilus is a sustainable and responsable buyer’s cooperative, offering organic, local and artisanal foods, as well as health-related services, direct to the members and their families. We also develop programs necessary to improve information, education and the defense of consumers’ and users’ rights.

The cooperative was founded on the 10th of September, 2008 by a self-managed group of 36 members, dedidcated to direct participation. The cooperative’s goal is to purchse highest-quality organic and local produce, with prices that are competitive with commercial groceries.

Mespilus estanteria

Mespilus estanteria

Mespilus is a not-for-profit cooperative, managed democratically by its membership. We agree to:

  1. Active participation:

    Members take active part in directing and managing the tasks of the cooperative. Each family or member chooses among the vital roles – purchasing, accounting, distribution and other services – that keep the coop functioning.

  2. Cooperative decision-making:

    We make strategic decisions as a group, sharing the economic and social responsibilities that come with membership.

  3. Self-motivation:

    Each members takes responsibility for their area of work, in an environment of mutual trust, transparency and support.

  4. Share cooperative values:

    Equality · Solidarity · Social Responsibility · Desire for Transformation

Mespilus productes

Mespilus productes

Consume organic

  • Our intention is to acheive the highest possible quality of life, in collective terms, and so we choose sustainably-grown organic produce and products, that respoect both environment and cunsumer.
  • Organic farming.
  • Reject genetically modified (GMO or transgenic) foods.
  • Locally grown, packaged and distributed with the minimum amount of waste, and avoiding excess transportation.
  • Sustainable production to support natural systems.

Consume responsibly

  • Conscious and critical consumption, based on ethical principles. Produce and products sourced in socially just operations.

Habits of consumption

  • Consume only what is truly necessary.
  • Orderly consumption, avoiding compulsive purchases.
  • Planning and structuring our purchases.

Local and direct produce and producers

  • Prioritize purchases direct from the producer, preferably local.
  • Consume fair trade products.

Season products

  • Prioritize products that are in season, promoting agriculture that is respectful of the environment and the life cycle of being human.

How we work

How are we organized?

Weekly Orders

To have a viable food cooperative, it is essential to bring fresh products and produce in on a weekly basis.

Order Preparation / Cleaning & Maintenance

To that end, members either take part in a group that distributes produce to the cooperative “baskets”, or in groups that clean and maintain the space, based on a rotating schedule.

General Assembly

This is the managing body of the cooperative. There is an annual meeting, and quarterly focused gatherings. Attendance is required for all members.

Group “Energizers”

Monthly meetings held just after product pickup, where day-to-day issues are discussed or urgent issues are handled.

Work Groups

All members support the cooperative by taking part in one of the various work groups, based on knowledge and experience:

  1. Accounting and Administration

    Manage financial accounting for the cooperative along with the sorresponding legal requirements. Maintain documentation and the member database.

  2. Billing

    Prepare and process the weekly shopping bills accrued by the members.

  3. Purchasing

    Keep the cooperative stocked with produce and handle weekly orders, according to criteria established by the members. Verify quality control over all purchased products.

  4. Intrastructure

    Maintain and improve the cooperative’s site and equipment. Organize recycling.

  5. Relacions externes

    Promote sustainable and organic foods and practices outside of Mespilus Maintain relations with similar entities: Cooperatives, Ecological Fairs, etc. Coordinate our participation in social action movements.

  6. Comunicació

    Manage and maintain the cooperative’s digital infrastructure. Distribute current information and documentation to members and the public. Coordinate tasks for the cooperative’s various working groups.


We are located in the heart of Poblenou, a neighborhood with strong ties to the cooperative movement, both historically and today. You can find us at
Carrer de Venero 12, 08005 Barcelona

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